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11-15-2012, 04:32 AM
Now have gotten used it, am finding it to be a very versatile ship!

Primarily using the tac version with my Tac officer and finding the DPS is more than adequate for me to hold my own. Found that having cannons on what is basically a cruiser took some getting used to though (I realise that the Excelsior can do this, but preferred beams on my Excelsior personally).

The special abilities are great, particularly the Quantum Shield - was great activating that in the Hive (space) just as a Borg uber-plasma disintergration ball was about to hit, then watching said uber-plasma disintergration ball pass right through my shield bubble, doing absollutely nothing! It's even better than the Ablative Armor on the Intrepid Retro!

Quantum Focused phaser is pretty good too, although not sure if it benefits from the Phaser Relay consoles or not, and it's not a lot of use against a shielded target; it only really comes into it's own in the same manner as the Galaxy-X phaser lance - when used once the enemy ship's shield are down. One also has to remember to slow their ship down when using it, since it fires a continuous beam straight ahead, and almost any deviation causes target loss.

MAY pop my sci officer in the Sci version. Hesitant to do so, since currently using the Wells class and I ADORE that ship, but guess it won't hurt to give it a (temporary) rest.
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