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Originally Posted by fiberteksyfir View Post
Not defending either side of this thread, just read it and like to supply my 2 cents of stating it costs $0 to mod ships into a game, case and point:

And there's umpteen other sites for SFC, Armada, BC, etc etc etc.
I have personally done my share of moding on those games. Particularly Armada 2. The thing is, the mod is useless in online play unless every player on line has the same assets. When you download and install them into your game, it affects ONLY your game. Just like in those games, all of the ships are stored locally on your computer. If you have the ship and another player does not, what is the point? Their computer will still need the asset localized to be able to render your ship onto their computer.

Originally Posted by themarie View Post
In your mind... you compare hacking a long dead game to content development for a live MMORPG?

What is this I don't even --

IT COSTS MONEY to pay people to develop a game. Are you willing to sit there and work FOR FREE for 8-10 hours a day on meshes and skins? Of course you are. After all you don't have bills to pay or food to by. How silly of me to even THINK that people need to be paid for their work.

Volunteer effort to mod dead games is totally different than live MMORP development. Totally different.
To take this even further. It is not just the ship model and skin.

In terms on Armada 2 for example, it is also the odf file (tells the game engine how the ship behaves), the hardpoints (where the weapons and abilities originate), The build buttons, the wireframe, adjusting the odf files for any parent model (shipyard that builds said ship). There is a lot of work that goes into a simple game like this.

In terms of STO, you would have the Boff layout to program, the weapons slots, the equipment slots, and any other things that are needed to be able to use the ship in game. I hate to think of everything that would need adjusted to mod STO.

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