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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
I completely agree with this and it is one of the primary reasons why we are reversing our decision about Dilithium. Players should be having fun with Season 7 - it is awesome - not worrying about Dilithium.

Thank you (and everyone else) for speaking up about this. It means a lot to us.
Couple of things that (in my opinion) could've avoided this:

1) Get rid of the "Tier" boxes for the Omega conversions.

Make EDC's worth x amount, Rare and Prototypes worth x amount, and then give the players a direct conversion into the omega marks. I honestly don't even want to bother with raising my omega faction because all the stuff that I've earned has equaled out to the same thing getting paid out to someone else.

Just because you give them their marks and stuff doesn't mean you just graduate them to the tier for the stuff they have. You want them to grind out the faction that's one thing, but at least -give them- what they've earned off the bat.

2) Players want more -episodes-, so focus on that.

We want more content. While (IMO) New Romulus is awesome, players are wanting more than 5 to 7 episodes in the Klingon content. I personally would say forgo Season 8, and simply focus on putting in new episodes for the Klingons, and possibly new episodes for the Feds too. Need ideas for a storyline from a factional standpoint? Make a contest where the best storyline content from the Community gets a reward! (You may be surprised what comes out).

3) Dilithium.

I'm not sure what you guys are wanting with this one. You make unreasonable demands for fleet projects (200,000 dilithium is just stupidly obnoxious imo), make a small cap of 8,000 per day, and then actually reduced ways that players enjoyed getting it, while forcing players to do other things to get it.

Personally, on my days off of work, I spend about 90 minutes getting my 8k dilithium, and then I spend HOURS playing the game, having fun with my fleetmates, helping them, helping others, or just redoing episodes for either loot or because I think x-one is fun.

Season 7 basically tells me that if I don't spend my time grinding instead of helping my fleet mates with episodes, training them in STF's, or doing basically -not- having fun, because I want to eventually have 8k dilithium to refine so I can afford higher end fleet equipment one day, that I will go absolutely no where fast.

I like STO, but if you guys are trying to put more dilithium into the players hands, you're failing miserably. You want to put more dil out there? Then put it out there. Also, for the Fleet Events, you need to adjust it so that it's more inline about teamwork and not "who has the highest DPS / Healed the most" or whatever. Otherwise it's not about teamwork, it's about being better than that person over there.