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11-15-2012, 05:02 AM
First I would like to say that I think rewards in the game should be based off of difficult it is. I think PVP is the hardest that?s why the rewards I have are high.

1. PVP Starbase Incursion space ? 5 man teams all from one fleet. (premade only in a way) one team attacks one defends. Defending team can use operational assists. Rewards are Fleet marks. Time limit is 5 to 10 minutes per match. I think there are 5 things to kill/defend. At tier 1 each is 20 marks and the tier level is a multiplier so at tier 5 something is 100 marks. Total of 500 marks could be earned for the attacking team if they killed everything. But this would be divided by how many players there are so each person could get 100 marks. Defending team gets what every marks the attacking team didn?t earn divided by 2(it will be easier for them). If something is not completely kill say it is 50% health attackers get 50% of marks and defenders 50%/2.

2. 20 man arena matches, 15 minutes or 40 kills. Rewards PVP marks and dil.

3. King of the hill. Rewards PVP marks and dil.

4. Tug of war ? each team has one start point and I the middle there is a wall (you can pass through it, it is just visual). Goal - get the wall to move to the other teams start. The wall will only move for you if you are on the enemy?s side. So both teams will have to stay on opposite sides of the wall while trying to kill each other. When you die you will have to go through the other team to get back to yours. Private matches can set how far the wall needs to move. Rewards PVP marks and dil.

5. Open PVP Free for all - have a unique zone for each map that you must manually go to where you can kill anyone. There would need to be safe zones by the spawn points. 1 PVP mark and 5 dil for each kill.

6. Open PVP Fed vs Kdf ? same thing as free for all but can only kill the other faction. 2 PVP marks 10 dil for each kill.

I don?t know if they can change the settings so we can do my open PVP idea but I know they wouldn?t need to make maps so that would save time. Also both open PVP games could be on the same map just different rewards for who you kill.

7. No win scenario PVP style ? 5 man teams defends have to protect the ship just like the PVE version. Attackers have to destroy it. Rewards are Fleet marks; attacks start with 20 marks and lose 2 per minute. Defends earn 5 per minute. Game has a 10 minute limit. Also attackers get a plus 10% damage bonus per minute so at 10 minute they are doing double the damage they would normally.

When I think of more I will add them.
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