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11-15-2012, 06:06 AM
Ok I can't speak to elite, I haven't tried it yet. But it's advertized as 'moderate' difficulty for levels 45-50. I'm sorry... I don't even want to think how a level 45 would handle this thing on Normal. I tried in 4 separate pugs yesterday and each time we spent over 20 minutes trying to do it before folks started leaving the instance in disgust. It is ridiculously hard for a 'normal' mode encounter.

It'd be nice if devs kept in mind not everyone has full purple XII gear on their ships yet and anyone just coming up that's 45th level isn't gonna be even close. I have pretty much full purple XI gear as a level 50 in a fleet science research vessel.

The initial encounter against the guard cubes is just about perfect. The two unimatrix ships and the queen, however, are impossible unless you're fairly organized or your pug is made up of a bunch of folks sporting XII purple escorts that can just shred things instantly. If your pug is weaker setups you're in for a long painful fight and, odds are, it'll be futile, especially when folks don't know to stay the hell away from the queen initially.