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Originally Posted by vitzh View Post
Hey Roach think this summarises whats going on?

A) Arrogance

B) Ignorance

C) Feds are idiots

D) All of the above

I must confess I really like the Romulans and the new Fed Ships in Season 7, all of them are impressive, even when they are burning up.
D. All the Above. The new content is as well made as any content that has been released before in STO.
My shock is at how quickly some fans started stating to the KDF fans that we are wrong and Romulans are quite popular in some Klingon social circles as if since the statement fell from fed lips it must be true and we Klingons have fantasied the dislike.

The Klingon relationship with the Romulan people was also extremely unstable. A short-lived alliance and technology exchange notwithstanding, the Romulan Star Empire were typically regarded by the Klingons as a "blood enemy" since at least the 23rd century. Sporadic Romulan attacks against Klingon colonies (see Khitomer Massacre) and interference in Klingon affairs (see Klingon Civil War) continued to sour relationships between the two peoples. (TNG: "Sins of the Father", "Redemption II")
I can accept that the Devs did what they did to roll the KDF into the new RSE colony update so we fans can enjoy it too, I just do not get the whole sudden change of history by some that states the KDF does not have a blood hate against the Romulans even though the early game of STO and the genre state otherwise.
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