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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
That is just what you can see in thew shows. Different Klingons have different opinions.
No the history of the Klingon-Romulan blood fued is well documented and the only Klingons to willingly work with any Romulan iether had no choice as in the case of the DOminion War, No choice as in the case of the Romulan-Klingon Prisoner colony or they did so willingly as in the case of the Duras using Romulan treachery to try and gain control of the Empire in a most dishonorable fashion.

Even this game and the IP have shown the Hate with which the Klingon people distrust and dislike the Romulans.

Your looking at things through fed-colored glasses in my opinion.

And yes, of course they do have a difficult history. But the Federation and the Klingons have a difficult history, too, yet when Praxis exploded, the Klingons were pragmatic enough to cooperate with the Federation.
So pragmatic that the whole KDF command staff, except the Chancellor and his Daughter, had schemed with StarFleet Command personel to keep the war going and go out with a war rather than accept help.
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