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11-15-2012, 05:19 AM
I bought it, nice little tank. I use it with my engineer toon and love it. Great DPS, shield mod isn't such a problem with maco xii and 1 field gen, 9.7k shield. 34500 hull translate to over 46k with my skills in space.

the 2 lt eng makes it great for tanking. I have 2 copy of epts running constantly, 1 aux to struc makes it tougher and 1 RSP to save my butt when shield gets low.

Commander tac and Lt commander tac bof gives me all I need in offensive powers.

Ensign sci may hurt a non engineer, but it doesn't bother me too much, slotted HE there.

Tried it last night and, in Cure elite, I soloed and tanked negvar and raptor on 2 cubes. In fact, 3 stfs and I didn't die once.

The console is nice and cooldown is low enough to be used often. Its only 12 sec but it acted pretty much like borg shield proc. Gave me the few sec to hit another buff before I died and even used it to help a teammate in trouble. He now officially want one of these. The console is truly universal, I can put it on any ship I want even shuttle.

To sum it up, love it, more tanky escort I own and firepower on par with most tiers 5 ship and 10 consoles is real nice.
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