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11-15-2012, 06:32 AM
Well here is the deal in my sci support-a-scort. Yes I do have TBR and it only gets used to save my bacon, the optional, or minor DPS vs structures when no NPCs are around. Oh and it is handy for swatting down HY plasma torps that aren't even on screen vs cubes. But I only use it at the last possible moment or when no one is near me. And yes you may hate that aspect if I fug it up once or twice but...

I'm also packing a gravity well with chrono torps and torp spread, along with CSV and an attack pattern beta 3 to use when possible. So with luck for every time I fug up my TBR twice I have grouped up all the enemies, reduced their bonus defense to nothing, and pushed their hull resist pretty far into the negatives for ya