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11-15-2012, 06:34 AM
Any escorts, whatever anybody says, engineer in escort are hard hitting tough little ships. But specifically the new Steamrunner, good shield, good hull, 10 consoles, and 2 lt eng bofs which help with 2, epts aux to struc and rsp. With assimilated console, temporal console (up to almost 4% crit chance)., 1 quad phaser, 3 fleet dhc critd, 3 fleet turret acc I get great constant dps. Being an engineer is nice you get to keep those power up and dmg too

Cruiser wise in order of preference and dps i get from those, Galor, Assault cruiser refit and Odyssey tac.
Jamal : Tactical space specialist. USS SledgeHammer, USS Bug Warrior and many others
E'Mc2 : Science Reman torp T'Varo, deadly annoyance
Kunmal: Tactical fed Klingon, ground specialist, USS Kanewaga
Ka -tet Tier 5 starbase and shipyard, almost Tier 5 sci. All other fleet property at max lvl