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# 1 Fleet XO looking for new fleet
11-15-2012, 06:36 AM
I am the 2nd in command of the current fleet I am in and I am possibly looking for a new fleet. The majority of my fleet including the leader have decided to leave STO because they aren't happy with S7. He has offfered to turn the fleet over to me but it would be a fleet of just myself and possible 1 or 2 other people since everyone else looks to be leaving.

I am a Tactical Captain that has had full control of our fleet projects for out small fleet of 15 people. We have levels up to close to T3 in all sub tiers and a full blown T2 SB and getting close to T3. I contribute to projects on a regualr basis to the point to where I have lifetime fleet credit score of 1.3 million. I log in regular and atleast once a day to check doff assignments and fleet projects.

I would prefer a co-operative fleet not a competative one, I do use Team speak and have a head set. I'm not looking to come in as a high ranked officer. But I don't want to join a fleet where it will take 6 months for me to get access to the fleet bank and Star base venders. I'm not really sold on the huge fleets but will be willing to give one a shot but would prefer to small to medium size fleet where everyone can talk and get to know each other via voice chat while in game. I am in The U.S. on the eastern time zone and speak english. I Would like to join a fleet that likes ot team up and do things together and dosen't have a bunch of BS strict rules. I'm not against rules and procedures but I'm not looking for a fleet that has a ton of them. I'm more about having fun and enjoying the game and the people I play it with and not interested in Role Play to much or strict you have to play the game this way in our fleet type stuff.

Thank you

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