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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
And here is another perspective

All games older than about a year or two costs 50 $ or less ! STO is from 2010...

If each ship is worth 25 $ how much should the game cost if we say 3 ships x 4 tiers x 2 factions ?

24 x 25 dollars ?

Hats off to you if you feel paying the price of a full game for one pity little item is you making a bargin

New game, 50 euro's, older game 15-25. Paid both, no problem if it's a good game.

I've paid for dlc, fine with that.
Small stuff, like a gun, or a car, couple of euro.
Large stuff, like quest lines, more, up to 20 euros.

One ship, 25, or pack of 3 times the same ship with different consoles 50, that's pushing it. Sure, it's got the flexible boff layout, and console, and can mount cannons. But does it offer quite the same content as a mission pack (often coming with gear and rewards)?

Or, if buying the pack, will it give a similar amount of content to buying an entire game?

For me, easy call. Buying new Hitman/AC3/CoD-BO2/[fill in other title] will give me way more value for money, in terms of enjoyment per euro spent.

Edit: mind you, it's not that I'm cheap, per se; I'd be buying ships on a regular basis if they were like 5-10 euro's. It's just a cost/benefit analysis, for me.

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