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11-15-2012, 06:50 AM
Howdie gt86,

I'll give you some info about the Blacksheep. We're a medium size fleet with about 230 members, a fair number are very active. Our Starbase is progressing nicely being a Tier 3, one sub-category Tier 3, and two sub-catagories Tier 2. Our members have been doing a great job contributing towards it.

We don't use Teamspeak, but do have a Vent server available for fleet use. It is not mandatory for people to use Vent, but it's there for those that do.

You won't have immediate access to the fleet bank, but it doesn't take long. As you move up in rank, the amount of access you get increases. Even if you aren't able to grab something from the bank, you can just yell out and someone that is higher rank can grab it for you.

I'll give you our fleet web site, and you can learn more about us there. You can also post any questions you have on our forum, or send an in-game message to @Troubl.

Take care!
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