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11-15-2012, 06:06 AM
Originally Posted by kirimuffin View Post
As I said on the blog just now:

Hey, DStahl, thanks for adding the STF rewards back, and for acknowledging that fun is more important than any sort of ivory-tower design intent. I liked what you said in your forum post: "we would rather you were having fun in Season 7 than worrying about the economy. We have enough of that to deal with in the real world." Exactly. You get it. Good on you, and I mean that most sincerely.

No, really, I can't overstate the degree to which this has restored my confidence in STO. Looking forward to playing for many years to come!

(Still not thrilled with the doff grinder cost, but eh, I can live with it. There are other, better ways to get blue/purple doffs anyway.)
Well stated and i agree 100%, TY for lisening to the comunity, most of us only fuss at times because we love this game and Star Trek, We know ya'll put alot of hard work and long hours in the game and we as player have as well and lots of money, and in todays economy that says alot,