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11-15-2012, 06:13 AM
1. More maps like Ker'rat. Maybe something in the new sector, fighting tholians. Also the spawn points of KDF and Federation should not be at the same point. You could offer a few romulan marks as reward, maybe with a daily quest.

2. More capture and hold. Another map and some gameplay improvement. We really need a progress bar or something while capturing. And maybe an indicator if we are in range.

3. Maybe some sort of assault mode. Have a team defend a base (their own starbase maybe) and some team attack. You could even award fleet marks for that. You could add turrets, npc ships... make it a bit of a bigger battle. PvP/PvE mix.
Give the attacking team a siege ship, the defenders a starbase. Only the siege ship can attack the starbase. If the ship dies, attackers loose, if the base dies, defenders loose.

4. More arena maps and maybe a 10v10 queue. Max group size is 5. That means no 10 man premade. Might make for some more interesting battles.