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11-15-2012, 06:18 AM
2 little 2 late uesd to get drops blue quality or better we kept the fleet bank stocked with good items for people who had just joined or leveld up. used to get salvage that could sell for extra dilithium. btran no longer had dilithium reward. dof and other dilithium cost have jumped up over 1000% in some places and the star base still has 200,000 dilithium upgrade missions. This is Like Being ***** and Afterwards Having the Rapist Say Hes Real Sorry Here Have a Free Morning After Pill. you have still gutted this game and I think you will see it soon in you bottom line profits. all you had to do to make the old system work was to let mk12 omaga/maco/honor. be pruchesed for 100 or 150 edc's each. the old saying goes KISS Keep It Simple Stupid.