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Since Nebula is a very lovely ship, but its special console stinks somewhat. Why not improve the ship a little and make it worth purchase.

1) Add all mission pods graphic as seen here for example

2) Make Venture-like skin for Nebula

3) Change special consoles

Enhanced Sensor Pod

+30 sensors
+30 countermeasures

Ability: Tachyon Defence Grid
Same as is currently in STO

Enhanced Weapon Pods

+10 weapon energy
-10 aux energy
-10 %shields

Ability: Torpedo Barrage
A Barrage of 6 photon torpedoes, on 2 minute cooldown. Ability similar to Point defence Torpedo console from Armitage, but single barrage only.

Enhanced Enginering Pods
Something, haven't figured what, lol. But the 3rd Nebula variant sports 2 small nacelles. So perhaps greater power output/speed + whatever.

You could only equip one of these consoles at a time. No set bonuses.