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11-15-2012, 06:31 AM
Originally Posted by daxiii23 View Post
well lets stay with the reassignment for a moment, lets say i have all white doffs and i want to change into one purple, costs as follows:
white to green:
5 whites + 500 dil = 1 green
green to blue
5 greens + 2500 dill = 1 blue
blue to purple
5 blues + 5000 dill = 1 purple

5x5000 + 5x(2500) + 25x(500) = 50k dil

so one purple BOFF costing now 50k dilithium and 25 white boffs???
and at the same time reduce the amount of dil u can get drastically

PS: yeah there are ways to get good BOFFs but those are too random and seldom
we should force them to change that!