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Originally Posted by marielang View Post
yep they take away ton increses cost a tone then give back a few ounces and say see we listened arnt you happy now and love us agian ????NO WE DO NOT WE HATE YOU AS MUCH AS YOU OBVIOUSELY HATE US YOU JERKWAD DSTHAL EAT CRAP N DIE
No, WE don't ALL "hate" for this. There is some definite BS here, but this is one of the very first "olive branches" extended, and it's big on their part. Doesn't excuse a lot of the things they have done and, I'm certain, they'll continue to do, but credit where it's due is something that should be given here.

My suggestion, if you are so disgruntled, is to stop paying and/or stop playing. You are obviously overly emotionally and financially invested to be prompted to write such a rude and childish post.

"Hate," and "eat crap and die" is a little strong for something like a game, and there are some key points to Trek you seem to have missed.

Some advice? Learn some patience, some grace, and hire a spelling editor...

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