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11-15-2012, 06:49 AM
I can see the DEV blogs going like this:

DEV Blog #1 D Stahl, date NOW

Hi captains

As a show of goodwill and a thank you to all our loyal fans, all new C Store Ships are now priced at 500 Zen across the board. In addition all missions are giving 1440 Dilithium and the cap has been raised to 20,000 a day. I'm sure you'll agree that these changes will make Star Trek Online THE MMO to play and will attract a great many new players.....

DEV Blog #2 D Stahl, date 3 months from now

Hi Captains

Unfortunately due to a lack of funds Season 8 has been put on hold for at least another 3 months. The featured episodes take a lot of resources and since we lowered our pices those funds take longer to accumulate, we are sure you understand....etc etc

DEV Blog #3 D Stahl, date 6 months from now

Hi Captains

We acknowledge that there has been no new seasons since season 7 and indeed no new ships or even lockboxes. We are truly sorry for this but it is due to the economic climate we find ourselves in. The funding has dropped so far since we lowered our prices that we simply cannot continue in this method. Unfortunately we have lost three of our DEV team this week as they seek more lucrative opportunities elsewhere.

In a bid to address this all our prices are going back up to Pre-Season 7 prices and the dilithium removed from all but the missions it was previously available on pre- Season 7. We realise how unpopular this move will be but to ensure survival of STO we must take these steps and we hope we can count on your support.

PCGAMER September Edition 2013

Star Trek Online Warps Our Of Business

It's true captains, but you will have to take a holiday on Risa for a few years until another company can beam you back up into Sol. Cryptic Studios has filed for bancrupcy under chapter 11. The parent company PWI is currently looking for a buyer to develop it's Neverwinter title but we have it confirmed that STO as it is known will not be continued.

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