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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
I still have mixed feelings, to be honest.

The versatility of this ship makes it good for every role, but there always will be another ship that will make the job done way better.

But I was aware of that. That's partially what I wanted for my PvE Fed Engi and Sci, whom I was sick of playing cruisers, carriers and sci ships, unable to deal any significant damage.

So right now I'm flying Sci in Aventine, with lt.cmdr. tactical, and Engi in Aventine as well, with lt.cmdr. engineering. The former I intended to be more of a DPS dealer with decent support or crowd control, while the latter was more of a team support tank, which would also be able to hold its own against, let's say, CSE raptors alone.

Yet... I feel like I'm struggling. No matter what weapon setup I'll pick I still seem to have issues dealing significant amount of damage, even with abilities such as CRF, CSV, TT, APB, EPTW etc. I even threw away the dual beam bank for a torpedo and it's still not the same as some of my other ships, often having similar weapon setups with way superior actual performance...

With 3x turrets aft, I've tried 1xDBB + 2x dual/quad cannons, 1xQuantum + 2x dual/quads, 1DBB + Quantum + Quad and I still barely manage to stop CSE raptors, which were for a long time my point of reference when it comes to dmg performance. I am able to take out everything in a manner of seconds in a Kar'Fi, with a lot of time to spare to damage the nanites, yet similar setup on Vesta is having issues for some reason. I mean, I do manage to deal with them alone, but it takes way more time than I would like.

Last thing to test is 3xD(H)C, although I'm afraid of significant power level drops, which I've noticed already even with EPTW and running 124/100 Weapon Power as default.

But outside of that I find the ship very enjoyable and versatile in other PvE content. If only the hangar pets could launch a little bit faster, like they do on other ships... They're pretty much useless at the moment - Peregrines die from enemy explosions instantly, while Runabouts have been nerfed so hard they're basically just there... I've seen them use their tractor beams maybe once or twice.

My only question is why are you using quad cannons...