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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
And here is another perspective

All games older than about a year or two costs 50 $ or less ! STO is from 2010...

If each ship is worth 25 $ how much should the game cost if we say 3 ships x 4 tiers x 2 factions ?

24 x 25 dollars ?

Hats off to you if you feel paying the price of a full game for one pity little item is you making a bargin
Well, when buying a new game (that I'll likely play for all of a week or so) I don't get to bring any of it into this game, I don't get to support the development for this game, and I don't get to fund the non-paying F2P crowd, either.

A $50 ship that I'm still flying months later is an infinitely better deal then $50 for some game that I've already forgotten I purchased. Maybe your playing all your other games for months on end. I'm not.
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