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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Yeah, Nicha, play "Flight of the Kitty Hawk" and then tell me that you think all foundry missions suck....
Flight of the Kitty Hawk is one of my favorite set of missions. I will the run that set on other characters as well.

However, there are a couple of times where it gets bogged down in too much text being thrown at the player at one time. When I say too much, it refers to multiple screens of backstory interrupting the flow of the mission. One thing a Foundry author has to be careful of is bringing the "activity" in the mission to a grinding halt. Kitty Hawk is powerful enough overall to overcome this one shortcoming (I think it is in the second mission) and I heartily encourage STO players to give the Kitty Hawk missions a try.

But that is perhaps the one thing that sometimes causes me to hesitate when looking at Foundry missions is time. There are missions that look very interesting, but do say that they are 2-3 hours. That's too long for a single mission (30-90 is about my limit), especially considering that I never know if I'll have 2-3 hours of dedicated playtime on a given night.

For MMO writing, I think 30-90 is an appropriate length for single missions. Splitting a 2-3 hour mission into two missions would be ideal, but does require more Foundry slots for the more prolific writers.

If Cryptic wants the Foundry authors to take up the slack with regard to real storyline missions, then I think they should give them more slots up front so that they can write them more like story arcs than single massive story missions. Having a story *arc* go 2-3 hours or more is certainly not an issue for me since I can take them in bite size chunks, but for single missions it can be a little much.