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SO very few!?! They had the Admiral in charge of the whole KDF fleet in the form of Chang and his staff that conspired with Star Fleet personel to assasinate the UFP President and High Chancellor. They had the resources to get assassins into Khitomer undetected, take a prototype Bird of Prey out of the KDF shipyards and use it and even where organized enough to have two regular SF personel act as assassins on the High Chancellors ship under the nose of Kirk on the SF flagship.
These were not the actions of a small ill-planned movement or cultish group of diletantes intent on complaint without action. These people where organized and well trained.
They were certainly professionals, on both sides. But hardly a sizable force, or there would have been not this strange plan, but a simple military coup on Qo'onos - and possibly, on Earth, too.

Yes, it would be cool. The reasoning for the actions of the Empire seem like J'mpok has drunk the cool-aid of fed principles and believes that since the Empire has absorbed allies like the Gorn and Orion we must act like the federation example and become humanitarians instead of conquerers.
I have a toon who would like to explain to you that after having studied the history of a thousand species, one must come to the conclusion that the ancient Klingon political system and our very medieval attitude must improve if the Empire is to survive.

But mainly I just lament the poor inclusion of KDF gameplay into what is primarily a fed designed addition to the game and hope that Season 8 actually holds more for us and less mimicry of the federation because it makes the job easier.
I would hope to see a resolution of the Fek'ihri mystery, in particular. Where are they from? Why do they return just now? That can hardly be a coincidence.
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