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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
The issue is that this pricing would mean that it costs, effectively, 1600 zen at current Dilithium exchange values to outfit a single character with a single STF space set. (252,000 dilithium).

On top of this, you actually have to work to unlock T5 > then earn more dilithium > to unlock the store > to then shop in it at those prices.

You clearly seemed to have missed it completely in the original post, so I'll post it here for you again:

Borticus gave us very specific prices for MK XII, and those prices were not 84,000 dilithium per peice.

I hope that is clearly visible to you this time around.

The purpose of this thread is to get a decisive answer on whether Borticus' pricing is still in effect or if once again we have been told one thing only to have the pricing become something else upon launch.

That something else, by the way, is a nearly two hundred and fifty percent increase in cost.

Surely you must understand that when new content is being developed that what the devs say and what is on Tribble is subject to change? Hell, even things that are on Holodeck are subject to change!!

A dev could say that we're going to be able to fly the yellow submarine and that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen. Why? Things are subject to change.

As such, Borticus may have said that you could buy the entire Borg set for 3 Cannibal Tribbles but that doesn't make it gospel fact that it's going to happen.