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I think I should explain for refference that in fleet actions I _Always_ get first place. In the past 3 weeks there have been 3 times ( without exageration) That I got second place and all of those were because the server made me join extremely late in the match. This is good refference so that you know that I know a thing or two about how to build a DPS boat.

What people are missing about quad cannons besides that they are just slightly more DPS then fleet is that Quad Cannons deplete from the ENGINE part of the power grid but still calculate damage from power in weapons. Since weapon damage is partly based on weapon power in the grid and because quads don't deplete that part of the grid it makes ALL energy weapons do more damage.

I wanted to help sell some Sao Paulo escorts as a thanks to Cryptic for their work on S7, I should warn peeps Sao Paulo doesn't count towards fleet tac escort ship module reduction. However I feel quad cannons are essential to a top DPS build, I just cannabilized mine and put them on a fleet tac escort.

I look forward to seeing you all in the game. -ANX

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