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I don't see why he shouldn't. Would imagine doing so spreads the power drain distribution a little, since the quads draw power from engines.
Normal Energy Weapons are dependent on weapon power level for their damage and drain it when fired.

Quad Cannons are dependent on weapon power level for damage and drain both it and engine power when fired.

Auxillary Dual Heavy cannons are influenced solely by your Auxillary Power level and drain it when fired.

Suaveks, try using 3 Auxillary dual heavy cannons up front and a pair of tricobalt mines in back with the following tactical abilities: 2 Tac Team, Cannon Scatter Volley 1, Cannon Scatter Volley 2, and Dispersal Pattern: Beta 1. Use a tractor beam to immobilize the raptor then punch a hole in its shields while deploying the mines. Grav Well multiple raptors and them mine the middle of them. You should have little trouble crushing the tenacious buggers, even if you aren't specced heavily into Projectile weapons.