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11-15-2012, 07:11 AM
The Plasmonic Leach is the best console to buy first, IMO, because it's good for pretty much any ship. On a sustained fire ship like yours it's golden, no cooldown, no arc, no drawbacks. I have ISO on a fed because I got it in a lockbox, but I wouldn't have spent money on it.

Photonic Officer is rubbish, if you want to reduce cooldowns you need 3 Tech Doffs and Aux2Batt, but I don't think there's enough Eng slots on the Vo'quv for it. That PO2 is taking up a huge spot for HE3, TSS3, or (what I would run) ST3. ST3 saves lives.

I would say slot 2-3 Damage Control Engineers (I slot 2) and 1 Warp Core Engineer (as an Eng you might not feel the need). Then run EPTA and EPTS. The doffs will give you the uptime of 2 copies of each plus a chance to pump all power levels from the Warp Core Engineer. As an Eng you should basically be at 125 in 3 if not 4 systems all the time without investing too much.

She's got a big, fat butt on her, but she has the ability to load GW, EWP, and DPB2 or DPB1 + APO1. APO is debatable. The cd is long, but as an Eng you need a source of damage buffs; EWP is dependent on getting the old girl on roller skates to apply it in the right place and APO buffs movement, but the base movement is so stinking low that it's not as beneficial as it could be, so... This will not work in PvP, but for STFs the borg are pretty obliging if you ask them to stay in one place while you lumber by with this combo. This is not your stay at 8 km, CC, and launch pets combo.

You're missing a plain old Tractor Beam. Don't leave spacedock without it for PvP.