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11-15-2012, 07:25 AM
Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
My only question is why are you using quad cannons...
Because I like the way they look and sound.

And I don't like paying another 10,000 dilithium for a Fleet weapon.

Which I did anyway... as during my tests I decided to throw the Quads away. I'll stick with them on my Defiant for now.

As for Aux Cannons - I don't see their appeal honestly, outside of the fact that they use Aux. I'm not running pure sci and I'd like more flexibility than just accx2 and dmg mods.

Mines I never really liked outside of very specific situations, but I may be tempted to check how they work in this case. Lots of room for experimentation, which I like. First though I'll try a full 3x dual cannon and 3x turret run, without any torps or beams. I'm using something similar on a Kar'Fi (the 4th weapon there is Bio-Neural torp, but it's 1min cd) and it's a monster, but at the same time Kar'Fi is OP like hell. ;p