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Hum exactly... and no one won that Lotto its now over 214 USD millions..

STO.. STF.. want Ore for the chore
want ore for to buy me some stuff..
if the zen stores not generating like they want..
its because so many bought for years and don't like buying more inventory slots or bank vault slots ship slots back that patches or f-2-p took away..

a new player is going to have a lot of good early content
if they don't power level and pace it out..
they still make admiral before the go to the Captain level content near DS9

I want to see a addition to the Peli Undine arc.. you have plenty of mission concepts there..
they should have Iraqed it long ago invade and occupy.. Annex it as a conquest sector. .
i hate meals for Dissident enemy factions.. missions..
negotiations failed because of the Iconians
maybe a compromise and team up with the Undine
to take vengeance on them. .with a purpose..
i'm tired of the Vietnam trek syndrome where going somewhere
and winning has no purpose cause the Freddie politicos bargain it away or abandon it
its like Korea.. listen to the General MAcArthur's or dont send my ship in harms way.
Beware of Cloaked Romulans Bering Gifts

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