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This message is primarily for coaches.

On November 24th (Sat.) I will be hosting a coaches conferences call. The purpose of this call is the following:

- To give you an opportunity to share your ideas.
- To provide any feedback you have not already given.
- To help me strategize on the matter of advertising/recruitment.
- Branflakes will most likely take part in this conference call, so you will get a chance to hear his thoughts on Boot Camp. Please keep in mind that this will not be a time to express general feedback on PvP, Season 7, or whatever; nor as the conference call leader will I countenance any disrespect. This is meant to be a focused meeting with a casual/professional atmosphere.
- I will hold 2 conference calls, one that will be more convenient for Europe and one that will be more convenient for N. America.

Specific Teamspeak information will be provided in the coming week.

A few new bits of information you might be interested in knowing about:

- As a way of incentivizing the first event, we will likely have a drawing for 5 players (2 coaches and 3 students) to go head-to-head in a friendly PvP match with a team of STO developers that Branflakes will assemble. This match will take place at some point after our first event.

- Around 25 coaches have offered their services to Boot Camp! Remarkable. Thank you coaches for your generosity. And I continue to get messages from people in-game indicating that they are interested in participating as students. 25 coaches seems like a lot, but if you consider that some of these will be assistants and that the N. American and European regions will have Boot Camp Events at separate times, then this number is probably just right.

Alright, coaches. Thanks again for your support. I have enjoyed running into some of you in the ques this week. Let's hope that our efforts help to fill the ques even more.



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