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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
They were certainly professionals, on both sides. But hardly a sizable force, or there would have been not this strange plan, but a simple military coup on Qo'onos - and possibly, on Earth, too.
Not true.
One does not just annouce a coup and attack whole Empires - you would lose versus the shear size of it.
One must prepare a "event" that causes the Empire to move to action. Having the Chancellor assassinated by the Federation while under a flag of truce and the guard of the SF flagship would be enough outrage to cause the EMpire to go to war, even in the shadow of the Praxis explosion.
The UFP President further being assassinated by a Klingon sniper would have firmly cemented the war into place.
Thier is no such thing as a simple military coup when you are involving Factions that span multiple systems.

I have a toon who would like to explain to you that after having studied the history of a thousand species, one must come to the conclusion that the ancient Klingon political system and our very medieval attitude must improve if the Empire is to survive.
This ancient system has served us well and we are only percieved medieval if you compare us to other species like the humans on thier terms of what denotes a modern civilization.
Terms which differ from ours... we are not humans and do not need do as the humans do to survive and prosper.

I would hope to see a resolution of the Fek'ihri mystery, in particular. Where are they from? Why do they return just now? That can hardly be a coincidence.
It was once rumored that the Iconians released them to sow chaos among the Empire.
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