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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
Yeah they are expensive considering the price of one whole game. But I also havnt paid a sub or put any money into the game the last three to four months, so shelling out for the 3 pack $50 Vesta line Im still coming out ahead as opposed to blindly paying a sub for zero story content like I use to. I still wish theyd increase their Z store inventory on vanity stuff that would consistently sell and drop ship prices to $15, and $35 for a 3 pack. Not being a silly ship collector, ship price doesnt hurt me as much. Counting all 3 Vestas, these last 3 are only 3 of 7 ships Ive paid for since playing STO.
I imagine it's hard to concoct good vanity items for this game, because of the IP itself.

Think about it. There's very little in the way of gear that doesn't fall into the category of weapon, armor, powers kit, starship, or consumable. Gear itself is very rarely responsible for altering your physical appearance, weapons are a dime a dozen, and no one pays too much attention to consumables because of their somewhat ephemeral nature.

However, there's a huge demand for starships. Like, the biggest, I think at least. And, while the starships in the store aren't necessarily vanity items, they aren't necessary for gameplay as a player has access to a good spread of ships for free while they progress through the game.

Look at the few vanity items we do have:

Off Duty outfits
Variant uniforms
Non-combat pets
Starship bridges

And that's it.

I mean, we still get a somewhat regular infusion of these items every now and then (though new bridges has somewhat stalled recently). But the demand for these items so far has not exceeded the demand for new starships. It probably never will. When people think of Star Trek, one of the first things they think of is the ships.

I do have thoughts, though. New trophies for a captain's ready room would be very popular, I think. In fact, any decorations for the ready room would be appreciated. Maybe even alternate furniture arrangements.
Maybe alternate captain's quarters, too. And set up a series or display areas in there to add in nick-knacks and such.
Another emote pack would be nice.
Could also sell different starship interiors, a nice alternative to the basic drab "Small, Medium, Large" we have now.
Maybe species-specific civilian outfits? Just a thought.
More bridge packs. I'm kinda disappointed the Vesta didn't come with a unique bridge series (though in that regard, I looked around online and there doesn't seem to be an agreed-upon description of the Vesta's bridge, sooo...).
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