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11-15-2012, 08:36 AM
With all due respect even if both sides had the same dps, the same hull, and the same shields it would make little difference if any at all.

Fed's do NOT work together and seam to think there cruisers should be able to tank multiple people but only copy what others post. They have no clue what the skill tree is for and exactly how it helps. They have no interest in keybinds or learning how the game works. All they care about is SPACEBAR SPAM!

As a KDF I hunt feds. Yes I actually track them in Ker'rat. I watch what buffs they have and use then tactically force them to use certain buffs so that they become harmless to me then BAM.

In other words I use STRATEGY! For some reason people seam to forget that there is more to a game than uncloak and shoot. Dropping mines does take skill especially tri mines due to them easily being seen when dropped and easily targeted. As a KDF who is cloaked the last thing you want to see is a tri mine coming at you cause it's normally fatal. So I do employ anti mine abilities and since feds refuse to do so they become an easy target not because mines kill them but because they care nothing about anything but the ship's hull in front of them IE spam spacebar to shoot unshielded B'rel's hull then BAM. I say POP then repeat.

People don't want to learn they want EZ and ONLY EZ! They complain people spend money on the game and claim those items are p2w. Just because you have something you paid for does NOT mean you instantly understand how to use it or how to win I think that's funny as hell when cheap crybabies complain.

Over Powered? Not in the first. My defiant easily kills Klinks. Normally in 1 shot maybe 2 if it misses. It's all about the hunt. Strategy and watching your opponent. Know what to do to defeat their buffs then you got it.

LOOK, LISTEN, AND LEARN! are the keys to pvp.