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As far as the new STF changes now as a vet player they are a bit of a joke. I used to love doing them with fleet mates trying to get their gear and sometimes getting a nice dil reward for myself if i got the big drop. All they had to do was add another function inside of the map mission when items dropped and everyone had to roll on them why not of added another tab that would have allowed you to pass your roll onto another person on the team to increase there chance of getting the item. As far as personnel drops items, add a fuction that would move the item into a team item roll window. I know a many of my mates would have been happy to pass items on to other teammates that worked just as hard in the STF mission. As far as the 8000 dil daily before the STF change with luck i could have this done in Two STF mission 2200 + drops to be exchanged into dil which i did quite often so dont understands Daniels S commends that this change would make getting dil easier lol. Just think system was better before and a lot less work had to go into changing it to this mess that it is now when a little fuction tab tweak is all it needed. I promiss this change would solve much of your items drop issues and will go over very nicely with fleets in the game. If you only pub because your a solo player well then theres a draw back and you need to work harder for your items or you may be lucky in and a friendly group that passed there roll to you i know that wont be the case a lot of the time but it may happen once in awhile.