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11-15-2012, 07:43 AM
What i want is restricted queues and private matches. For queues it means you have different queues with different limits on what ships/consoles can be used. Going from everything goes like now to no c-store console at all for example.
For private matches extend this to disable certain consoles, skills, ships etc.

I want challenges to happen right there where the players are, in the open world map, not whisked away to some lonely instance.

-= ISE: 12:19 -=- CSE 12:41 -=- KASE 11:59 -=- HSe 8:06 total =-
-= KAGE 5:43 =-
[7:07] [Combat (Self)] Your Dual Disruptor Banks - Overload II deals 123086 (41096) Disruptor Damage(Critical) to Assimilated Carrier.