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Is the rurn rate and dmg output worthwhile to jusitfy the use of 3 aux cannons? Wouldnt it be better to use lets say 2 aux cannons and 1 torp?
Well at two cannons you're going to struggle to bring down a facing to let said torp off into. I could be a little biased here (because I flew the Excel for so long in my earlier days) but the Besta's turn is actually kinda sick, and you have to remember that in the end, you're in a Sci boat: your raison d'etre is crippling people at the knees so they can't move. If you can't turn fast enough, make it so other people turn a hell of a lot slower.

I would say you could definitely make an all-torp Besta work, though. That's the thing: like someone else just said, the ship is ridiculously adaptable because of just how much crap was packed onto it.

Also an interesting note for anyone using the Tac variant's toy console: it weirdly scales completely off of aux power and Particle Gen, even though it seems like just a phaser lance. This applies even if you're not using any aux cannons.

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