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11-15-2012, 07:54 AM
I've been thinking about some ideas for this. It's generally excepted that certain consoles are broken and/or overpowered so this idea would add options for matches as well as even out teams in a casual but fun way. It would also show that PWE/Cryptic actually wants PVP to succeed as so many of us do. Let's face it, there are few Space MMOs and fewer that are comparable. Lest not forget that some of us have been here for > 2 years waiting for improvements, too.

This may sound silly to some but, for the most part, we all have a general respect for each other despite some sabre rattling and occasional name calling. Anyway QQ...

1: Cross faction pew pew queues.
2: Add a "non-public" queue where players can join a room and assemble a team/bring a team to setup a match with another group/team.
3: Add the ability to specify rule sets for the match.
IE, no specialty consoles >= Tier 3 (tier being the ship the console came from.)
No set passive ability (IE, KHG placate, tact rediness/cloak field or w/e /Omega
energy wake/anchor, ect ect ect.)
Also add the ability to remove the rep passives. Not sure they are a good idea for
You could go further and limit ship tier. However lockbox/refits would likely need a
unique identifier since T5 refits aren't really in the same class as most lockbox ships.
4: Add the ability to have teams up to 8 people.

While some of the these changes may take a fair amount of work, I don't see it asking a lot for a community that has been beyond loyal to a game/company that has shown very little interest in improving our experience. pew pew.
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