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11-15-2012, 08:58 AM
Time for a break until private queues are back.

No offense cryptic... but putting attention into loading screens and a new UI for PvE which previously worked (more or less) and not fixing the core stuff... is a fail in my book.
Just don't fix something that already works. Besides .. that stuff was pointed to you on tribble countless times.

Congrats for New Romulan Map. I actually explored it thoroughly finding the accolades.
About the missions , a few don't make sense like
-the reports only available during alerts = fail.
-going solo will finish in failure on the timed missions = fail

Azure Nebula
- a good team can have those ships liberated pretty fast, but waiting for the next ones for 2 minutes to spawn in a timed mission ?! = fail

Into The hive Ground
-Forcing cinematics to play while the borg attacks or the floors are going electrical ?! = fail

Into The hive space
-having the Queen doing 150k damage to players out of 10km range with an unknown ability = fail

Space STF's
-having the Cubes doing 50k+ damage to players out of 10km range with invisible weapons = fail.
I understand challenging, but as it is ... its just ridiculous. The applied damage is way ahead of the actual torpedo hitting the ship, leading to situations where a player is even 20km away and blows up for no apparent reason.

SFA General Doff Recruitment = Fail
Doff grinder : As pointed above, 1 Purple would cost ~50k dil = fail

Private Queue down = Fail

Foundry Down = fail