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A) The community is partially to blame. Mainly because we're absolutely out of control on the forums, and in organizedpvp. There's really no governance at all, and those that have been around for the longest tend to bash on those that have not been around as long.
heres the thing though, back when pvp was first getting neglected we did everything the "nice" way. never argued, never called them names and we were always told that our feedback is important etc etc etc.

then came a bug. a bug so bad the "nice" complaints got banned for bringing it up, "discribing and exploit" was the excuse given.

it took total outrage on the forums to get something done. lots of people were banned in the process but in the end, the bug was fixed.

every time after that when a major bug was discovered, the "nice" way to get their attention was still tried but only until major uproaring on the forums was anything done.

now.... im not saying that excuses everything anyone says here but you have to understand. the ones who are posting a lot are the veterans who have been around since those days and remember that the only way to get their attention (good or bad) is to cause an uproar.

history has show how to get cryptic to get things done, the major problem now is that they are seemingly ignoring us all together causing further outrages/threads on things not releating to sto.

the community veterans are the way they are towards cryptic now because of the constant lies/misleading/broken promises from the past 3 years, adding to that now the totaly ignoring of pvp when adding in new content/ways to earn currencys WHEN doing pvp makes more sense to earn some of those currencys then the pve missions theyre tied too.

this shows a complete lack of interest in even maintaing pvp on a playable level because no matter what you HAVE to pve to earn the best gear in the game.

take also the new personal reputation system and the rammifications it'll have on pvp and the romulan embassy and its super science console.....

all only earnable through pve.

kerrat could easily add omega marks as a reward.

take the kerrat map, and swap in borgified romulans or regular romulans and BOOM, instant way to earn romulan marks via pvp.

they dont care, they never will care. history has shown this, and they apparently are ignoring the past.
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?