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11-15-2012, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
I completely agree pax, civility and praise where it is due, will improve PvP......oH wait, we've heared that one before, and it didn't work.

Don't believe, me, check out a Jorf's posts and see how and when his feedback received attention.

When they have absolutely nothing else left to say, the community rep in arms, comes in here and nannies the forums. First time ppl believed, him toned it down, and saw things going downhill even faster. Once people started raging again, looky look feedback got acknowledged. Again its Cryptic and its Devs, and community reps, that are responsible for the state of PvP and the attitude they receive from the PvP community.

it never was and never will be the other way around. No matter how many times they repeat the line of be nice, we care about you (oops Private Queues are gone).
Nothing is going to change. Causing a stink about it won't either was my point. So you missed my point.

I should of made it as simple as that but I thought explaining it to my friends would be a kinder gesture.

Hakuna Matata.