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# 1 Foundry beginner help!!!?!
11-15-2012, 08:10 AM
Hi Everyone,

Basically I've gone through what must be loads of posts in this forum, and have yet to find the answer to what I'm wondering about.

Everyone says, to create your own foundry mission, you've got to buy a slot using crystals or zen, yet what they don't say is what I'm guessing they should add:

which is where my question begins , which is:

Do I have to download and install another star trek online program? in order to do this? or do I just use the same launcher that I use when I log on to play "star trek online"?

I suspect that I install a different program than the main game. is this true? and if so where???? link please>? I also am confused, is there two different programs to choose from?

red shirt and tribble or somthing?

Also, I'm a "free-to-play" person, I've got (including the 2 free characters they give you), 8 character slots, from what I understand, you need to have a free slot of a character true?

Mainly though, Help LOL, please.

As I said, the main thing confusing me is do I install a different program in order to buy slots to create "foundry" missions?

For a person that is doing "free-to-play", if I do have to install somthing, do I have to pay for it?

Thank you for any answers, in advance.