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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
There are lots of science ships Fedside that can break a Klink's cloak, in an AoE no less. This is even easier if you know just where they cloaked.

I don't think the game you're speaking of had much to do with Klinks/Feds, probably far more to do with terrible players who were used to facerolling and lost interest the minute they had to exert themselves.

I've seen it happen a lot with people in the siphon clownfish when I bring out my anti-spam repellent
yeh youre right, im aware there is AoE cloak detection and attack patterns which reduce stealth etc etc. im in a oddyssey cruiser and they are in a bop, they flew away really fast and i even had my impulse drive console thingy from the gladius inserted. i kept up for a while but once they get away they simply cloak and hide anywhere on the map. even if i caught them and killed them once they respawn they can just cloak and hide anywhere on the huge map. there isnt a single thing you can do if a klingon player wants to cloak and avoid confrontation.

i have to disagree, while im not saying all klingon players do this, i know for a fact that they do not because i play klingons. if i was the last player i wouldnt charge in i would use jungle warfare tactics, hit and run (and probably lose) but i wouldnt just hide.

feds losing 15-0 over and over though, thats also an issue that im complaining about i just wanted to know if this has been experienced by anyone else...the majority of games going to the klingons.