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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
But one thing's for sure, being reckless as we have been on here ain't going to change a thing.
I see absolutely no reason to believe that not being reckless would change things. It simply does not matter how people in the pvp forums behave whe it comes to pvp development.

It is impossible to have constructive discussions about game mechanics because cryptic is incapable of formulating what their design intentions are. (See my old "Is this working as intended?" thread. This should have been a very easy thing to do with simple yes/no answers from the devs. It didn't really go anywhere.) The original design of the SNB doff implied a nuke every ~3s when playing against a full team. Nobody ever explained how they came to the conclusion that this is a good idea. (Or alternatively admitted that they simply have no plan at all and just try things that sound cool.)

One of the few times someone tried to explain reasons was when borticus said that they were coupling EPtS and ES cooldowns because people weren't using TSS/HE enough. Of course they did not show us which data led them to believe this, and the data that we as a community have available showed no indication that their reasoning had any connection to reality.

The problem that we cannot give constructive feedback without at least some kind of idea what cryptic's intentions and capabilities are was the topic in this thread: - Gozer's answer to this was that he left cryptic...

An example that shows how cryptic hiding their technical problems leads to discontent is the pvp map situation. It should have been trivial to calm the pvp community be giving them a new pvp map (map, not game mode) every 3-6 months. Just take an empty map with a new background image, put a meaningless object in the middle and 6 transwarp gates in a circle and the map is complete. They did not do this although it sounds like an incredibly good idea to satisfy the basic wishes of that community and at the same time spend less than 10 minutes on designing the map.
I firmly believe that they are incapable to make such a map because their spawn point system (for dynamic spawn points based on factions) is beyond repair. This also explains why they cannot fix Kerrat (they tried during S2 or S3 testing and in the process they broke C&H spawnpoints on tribble for a day).

If we knew about such technical limitations we could focus our feedback on things that have a chance of being implemented and avoid issues that cryptic can't or won't fix anyway (like solving the massive balance problems that stems from carriers and the way how pets are handled).

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