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11-15-2012, 08:12 AM
Love the idea of mutliple mission pods. I think they would have to be changed at a starbase.

As for the Different pods my take would be;

Tactical Pod: This pod would introduce a new Federation weapon Tachyon/Photon Torpedo Hybrid. This is a new experimental Federation Photon Torpedo: Ability to launch quick succession of three torpedoes in a three set spread for a total of nine torpedoes at a single target. These torpedoes have been modified with a tachyon emission module. Just before reaching the target the torpedos explode creating a tachyon bubble severely reducing target shield regeneration rate and a moderate reduction in shield power with a chance to completely take target shield system offline for three secs. The effectiveness would be based on aux power.

Sensor Pod: The sensor pod would be similar to sensor scan except it would emit a wide spread tachyon beam. This beam would immediatley spread to any other ship within a 5km range and have a damage defense debuff and turn rate debuff applied for 15 secs. Anyone attacking this target with phaser beams will have a chance to take down shields of target. (A nod to cruiser players.) Also this scan will prevent any ships from cloaking for 10 Secs

Engineering Pod:This is another new pod introduced by Starfleet Corp of Engineers. Once attached this pod has a special conduit that siphons warp plasma from the engines to augment auxillary power to emit a Light Density Plamsa Wave. This wave interferes with target ships weapons systems causing cascade overload throughout target vessel causing energy weapons to go offline and moderate damage resist debuff to photon torpedos overtime. If target ship is hit by High Yield Torpedo/Torpedo Spread II or III chance to ignite plasma for devastating explosion.

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