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That's the reality of user-generated content. Some of it won't be as good as dev content, some of it will be better. Authors come from a lot of different backgrounds and have a lot of different skills and skill levels in the things it takes to make Foundry missions. Some of us, such as myself, are even professional writers. But, as you said, evaluating whether a mission is "good" is a subjective assessment, and its one each player has to make for themselves. Look at the reviews on any mission, you'll see a review that says "This mission sucks" right next to a review that says "This is the greatest mission ever." This has been happening since the first third-party mods were made for Doom and Quake. It all depends on what you like.

Players look for different things in their content. The actual devs deal with this every day. For every person yelling on the forums about wanting more story content, there's one yelling for PvP content.

You can't please everyone. There is, quite simply, no way around that.
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