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Originally Posted by themarie View Post
They should...

* make a pass over NR to fix all the holes, clipping and bad BOFF path-finding.

* fix all the video related issues. Obviously there is something in use under the hood that the drivers do NOT tolerate.

* put the dilith rewards in for all grind maps, minimum 512, max 1024.

* Adjust the time from 1.5 days to 16 hours/24 hours per assignment for the rep system.

* Provide a way in game to earn Embassy Supplies.

* Reduce or eliminate DOFF-procurement costs.

Lots of new games launching this time of year. Many existing games are also releasing major changes and updates. STO, you need to wake up and stop alienating your playerbase before you destroy everything.
^^^ Pay attention to that, Dev's.

Originally Posted by sniper1187 View Post
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: Look, Mr. Scott, I'd love to explain everything to you, but the Captain wants this spectrographic analysis done by 1300 hours.
[La Forge goes back to work; Scotty follows slowly]
Scotty: Do you mind a little advice? Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way. But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want.
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: Yeah, well, I told the Captain I'd have this analysis done in an hour.
Scotty: How long will it really take?
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: An hour!
Scotty: Oh, you didn't tell him how long it would *really* take, did ya?
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: Well, of course I did.
Scotty: Oh, laddie. You've got a lot to learn if you want people to think of you as a miracle worker.
One of the best TNG episodes in my opinion.