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Don't troll. Its not that bad. Yes, you won't be able to do just one thing to get them. But you can get them.
I can pay for them, not get them.

And yes, it's that bad for me. Trying to outfit every existing type of ship on every type of character required lots of salvage and techs. But hey, I was getting that salvage and tech by playing. Not anymore.

EDIT: Also, was anything I wrote inaccurate? I transfered one toon with 12 proto salvage and more rare salvage, some rare and proto techs and a couple hundred EDCs to Tribble and got a totality of 4 000 dilithium, 15 BNPs and a couple thousand Omega marks. Thing is, marks and BNP generation is not so hard-capped as dilithium earning. (Btw, got about two dozen Mk XII and XI weapons plus over 50k dilithium for all that before Season 7 hit Holodeck, on that one toon.)
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