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Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
Energy drain is a must for the Queen's ship. It will not only lower the damage of her energy weapons, but it will prevent her shields from healing as quickly. My Kar'fi does a wonderful job of keeping her dry while the team pounds her silly. It also helps to have a cruiser with extend shieds on you, as you draw her aggro and suck her power dry. I use the combination of energy siphon, polaron DHCs and turrets and aceton assimilator. do this and all you really have to worry about are her torp spreads and that shockwave attack.
You mean her integral acetons right? Something I've had some good results with in that engagement with the queen is to keep 1 person just outside of her weapons range, something like 10.1km with the occasional dip in to pop of a shot to keep the combat going followed by an immediate bail out. Wasted dps sure, but it does make sure that if she manages to wipe the rest of the team she will not pull the armek stunt on you because the 5th man is still alive and still technically "in combat".
All the 5th man has to do is keep doing that long enough for the others to respawn and get back in position.
Watch for her torps though!

To maintain the op, as soon as 3 people go down, the remaining 2 must disengage the queen and evade the hell out of there.
Every time I've seen 5 go up to her, they have been wiped without fail. It might take a while for her to take them down, but wiped they were. This is with a variety of groups, mostly fleet or friends, with one or two pugs in the interests of science lol

I've run 3 perfect op runs with this build here. It was me and a friend and 3 random people. If the team can follow some simple instructions, then it's really not that hard. The more energy drain the better. IMO.
A carrier or maybe two rigged as sci drain boats would work wonders in here imo.
I wonder how many it would take to really shut her down?

1st part: tac cubes - have 4 people stay 15 km away from 1st cube. have an escort bait the first cube and the spheres back to the 4. focus fire on the spheres and then the cube and they go down quickly. then do the same as the 4 slowly creep forward, while the escort jumps ahead to try and pull the next cube and spheres back. it's best to be patient with this, as you have 10 minutes. if done correctly, you should have 2 minutes or more remaining. and yes. that's with a couple deaths here and there. the better you get at it, the more time you can shave off.
Agreed, just need to be very careful the bait doesn't aggro the whole mob at once. Seen it happen and it is never pretty.

2nd part: after all the tac cubes are dead, everyone must skip the cutscene immediately. it is a very nice cutscene and all, but you are just too close to the unimatrix ships. they will wipe you if they're aggro'd before everyone is ready. depending on where you are when you kill the last cube, you focus fire on the unimatrix ship closest to you. with the spam of energy drain and coordinated focus fire, these guys are really very easy... aside from the torp spread that can one shot you. the plasma ball of death should be fired upon by whoever has aoe beams. stay close to the bottom or the top of unimatrix ship and keep moving. hug the top and bottom to maintain your defense bonus. if you're standing still, then youre just asking to explode. after both unimatrix ships are dead, the fun really begins.
Is the plasma ball splash damage exploit from the borg RAs still working? I haven't tried it and it likely has been fixed, but if it hasn't then that might be helpful. Also need to watch out for any feedback pulses they might use. Those can be nasty for a high dps or a high spike boat.

last part: the queen's ship is filled with a plethora of attacks and skills. when you first aggro her, make sure someone has a SNB beam handy. I wait until there are four attack skills queued before I nuke her. all 5 members needs to spread out. 1 person should remain close and aggro her. everyone else should be spread out about 4-5km away from her. pay attention to the buffs that appear under her portrait. it will give you hints as to when you should stay and when you should go. without her shields regenerating quickly, the 1.6m in hp she has goes rather quickly.
I agree with you completely on the sub nukes. It's an absolute godsend in the fight when timed correctly. I personally would recommend 1 person stays very close to the edge of weapons range so they can dart out of range very quickly if need be and maintain the combat so she doesn't pull the armek stunt on you if the others get wiped. As long as one person stays alive, she shouldn't reset like armek does. Once the entire team goes down, she resets as armek does on CGE.
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