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Originally Posted by sentinal3131 View Post
yeh youre right, im aware there is AoE cloak detection and attack patterns which reduce stealth etc etc. im in a oddyssey cruiser and they are in a bop, they flew away really fast and i even had my impulse drive console thingy from the gladius inserted. i kept up for a while but once they get away they simply cloak and hide anywhere on the map. even if i caught them and killed them once they respawn they can just cloak and hide anywhere on the huge map. there isnt a single thing you can do if a klingon player wants to cloak and avoid confrontation.

i have to disagree, while im not saying all klingon players do this, i know for a fact that they do not because i play klingons. if i was the last player i wouldnt charge in i would use jungle warfare tactics, hit and run (and probably lose) but i wouldnt just hide.

feds losing 15-0 over and over though, thats also an issue that im complaining about i just wanted to know if this has been experienced by anyone else...the majority of games going to the klingons.
As a mostly KDF Q'er, feds have a huge amount of afkers and suicide runners, atm. It's absolutely abhorrent that this is allowed, has been allowed, and remains to be allowed.

That said, you could always try to get a group of carebears rolling and you may have more fun. If you have teamspeak, I can give you our info and you can team fed side with us sometime, if you would like. It's a completely different experience with some good scis/healers against knotheads ;p
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